Industrial sector

When it comes to shipping raw materials, road transportation is a crucial part of the equation. When paired with rail and marine transportation, Boutin plays a key role in meeting your transportation needs.

The industrial sector is essential to the economic vitality of any region, it is subject to unforeseeable factors such as price fluctuations on world markets. That is precisely why efficient and flexible road transportation is a must. With its strong presence in outlying areas, close to your facilities, Boutin delivers the goods!

Our transportation services for the industrial sector include:

  • Specialized equipment (closed vans and flatbeds, tridem or quad axles) that maximizes loads and minimizes the impact of the thaw period on your costs
  • Experienced drivers who are familiar with industry requirements and certified to transport hazardous materials and load/unload at steel plants, aluminum smelters and other industrial facilities
  • A strong network and a complete range of flexible delivery solutions
  • Secure facilities with monitoring systems to protect against theft
  • Emergency service available to prepare and ship orders and/or transport goods required to avoid production shutdowns

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