Our transportation services offer you numerous benefits

A people-centered approach

We are people serving people. We know what our responsibilities are, which is why we believe in a people-centered approach based on listening, examining needs and proposing solutions suited to each situation. “Together we go further” translates into ensuring that we understand each other and have a common vision of the project, so that we can meet and even exceed our expectations.

Fast turnaround

With our fleet of more than 630 units and our network of reliable partners, we’re always there for you. We respond to your requests fast and can adjust on the fly to your changing needs.

Freight delivered in good condition

We store all kinds of goods in both our warehouses and trailers. Our specialized indoor facilities keep your freight safe in optimal conditions. Do you have special requests? Let us know! We take all the necessary measures to deliver goods in their original condition.

Knowledge of the Industry

We’ve been in the transportation business since 1945. Our specialties are truckload services and dedicated fleets. We have been leaders in these segments since the beginning. Boutin is your partner of choice for service between Québec and strategic locations across Canada and the United States.


Leading in transportation solutions, we even create custom transportation!

We help obtain your transportation management needs with solutions that allow you to fulfill your commitments effectively and efficiently. We also use enhanced technology in order to provide logistic services and optimize business process.

A greener future

Environmental responsibility is a company value at Boutin. We’ve been working to reduce GHG emissions and set an example for energy efficiency since 1996.

In recent years, Boutin has implemented an energy efficiency program that has significantly reduced our GHG emissions, as annual figures show. Our efforts have been recognized with three “Air Pur” awards for the greenest fleet in Quebec.

Did you know that 28% of a truck’s fuel consumption depends directly on the driver’s behaviour? To maintain our environmental leadership, we provide ongoing employee training and continually raise awareness about eco-friendly practices. These actions are a sign of our dedication and commitment to future generations.