Health and hygiene sector

The health and hygiene sector provides medical supplies and equipment, paramedical equipment, pharmaceuticals, natural products, cosmetics and products designed for hygiene.

These highly specialized goods must be handled with extreme care, and traced during transportation, warehousing and delivery to ensure full traceability. Our vast experience in transporting cosmetics and hygiene products puts us in a class apart. And our powerful network places us in an ideal position to provide fast and flexible delivery across Quebec and Ontario.

In terms of dedicated service, Boutin is committed to providing chain of signature service and full traceability for every product we ship, as well as meeting the strict standards established by Health Canada. In addition, Boutin provides protection against temperature fluctuations (ambient) in the pharmaceutical sector.

Our transportation services for the health and hygiene sector include:

  • Clean, well-maintained equipment that is ideally suited to transporting your goods
  • Delivery to hospitals and other health establishments, shopping centres and other locations with restricted access
  • Flexible solutions for just-in-time delivery of your goods
  • Experienced drivers who are familiar with the pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetics industry and are accustomed to handling these products

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