Plessisville, October 30, 2022 – The Boutin family announces that it has sold the freight transportation activities to a subsidiary of TFI International.

After careful consideration and by mutual agreement, we have come to the conclusion that the time has come to let go of this sector of activity, the beginning of which dates back to 1945. From now on, we want to concentrate on the development of our warehousing division.

From the beginning of the process, our employees and our customers have been at the heart of our concerns. TFI International, by its desire to maintain current jobs and continue to serve our customers, has therefore proven to be our best choice.

Today, we are proud of what has been accomplished by our freight transportation division over the past 77 years, whether through the families who have been able to earn a living with us or through our various social involvements with our community. Such success is based on the contribution of many collaborators, and we would like to highlight the contribution of each of you.

THANK YOU to all the members of the current management team as well as to all those who preceded them. The quality of management of each sector and your support to the organization have been remarkable.

THANK YOU to the hundreds of colleagues who have held employment during this time, an impressive number of those who have spent decades within the organization. THANK YOU for your loyalty and professionalism which have built our reputation based on service.

THANK YOU to all our customers for your trust; your constant support has greatly contributed to the growth of the company.

THANK YOU to all our suppliers of goods and services for being loyal business partners throughout this great adventure.

THANK YOU to all our financial and legal advisors who have always shared their valuable advice with us. Your active presence in our decision-making will certainly have made a very big difference.

Finally, thank you to Mr. Alain Bedard, Chairman of the Board, President and CEO of TFI International, as well as to the members of his team, for allowing us to carry out this transaction. The history of our family in the field of road transport could not have ended better than with the continuity of Groupe Boutin within the largest Canadian company operating in our sector and which has its roots in Quebec.

Bernard Boutin


TFI International is a North American leader in the transportation and logistics industry, operating across the United States, Canada and Mexico through its subsidiaries. TFI International creates value for shareholders by identifying strategic acquisitions and managing a growing network of wholly owned operating subsidiaries. Under the TFI International umbrella companies benefit from financial and operational resources to build their businesses and increase their efficiency. TFI International companies service the following segments:

• Package and Courier;
• Less-Than-Truckload;
• Truckload;
• Logistics.

TFI International is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol TFII. For more information, visit

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