Our team of trucking industry professionals has your back from start to finish

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Working in the transportation, warehousing and logistics industry requires quick thinking and the ability to quickly identify the best solutions.

Every day is a new adventure for the 350 professionals at Boutin. Our drivers, lift operators, mechanics and administrative staff are all committed to offering the best service possible.

Thanks to our employees, excellence and experience have become values embraced by everyone at the company. We know that a passion for service is the best way to travel that extra mile.

Our leaders

Bernard Boutin, President

Jean-Philippe Boutin, Vice-President of Warehousing Operations and IT Director

Patrick Fortier, Vice-President of Transport Operations

Andrée Pellerin, Pricing Director

Pierre Lefebvre, Director of Risk, Compliance and Quality Management

Making your transportation operations profitable

David Nadeau, Business Development Director

Getting the facts

Christiane Paquet, Billing Coordinator
1-800-567-5841, ext. 2257
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